This journal is my spazzing-over-kpop place. So I would highly recommend you only friend me if you’re a k-pop fan.

My superstar is Cho Kyuhyun.

WARNING: I ship Qmi so much <3

 Look at them <3 <3 <3

I love all suju members <3 it’s funny, they feel like my children haha I would do anything to protect them.

 I love more fandoms but most of those are just girl groups, since they’re all too cute XD

I like: T-ara, SNSD, f(x), changmin, TOP... etc.


I don’t contribute much to my beloved fandoms but I’m trying to find a way. Help? :)


While this is an open journal, I would love it if you introduce yourself in 7mara.livejournal.com/10624.html before you friend me.


top hats are amazing

just because of this:

and I'm waiting for kuixian's pic to make me fall in love with top hats~ tonight hopefully!

also, I used to like key alot just because of his looks but his character... I'm in love. he's such a diva.

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Title: jumping off cliffs
Pairing: ZhouMi/KyuHyun
Genre: romance(?)
Warning: it's a very small piece... 150 words.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: you should just read the fic -_-

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